Park View Primary School, New Road, Halfway, Cambuslang. G72 7PU  t.  0141 641 1677   f. 0141 641 1685  e.

Mrs Julie McColl is our Head Teacher. She leads all Curricular Areas, Child Protection, Health & Safety, Equalities, Parental Involvement, CPD, Tracking Attainment, ASN, PPRUDB and School Finance. 
Mrs. McColl

Mr Campbell McKissock is our Principal Teacher. He leads Science, Technology, PE, Active Schools and Numeracy. Mr McKissock is qualified to teach French.  As part of his management remit, he is the link person for our P7/S1 transition, organises our after school clubs and coordinates student placments. Mr McKissock is also an NQT Mentor.
Mr. McKissock

Mrs Morley co-ordinates our Eco Committee. She also leads the development of Modern Languages and Social Studies within our school. She is qualified to teach French and Spanish.  
Mrs. Morley

Mrs Sacha Rose teaches P5 at Park View. She is qualified to teach French and to lead the Bikeability sessions. Mrs Rose is responsible for leading the Library Group and overseeing the development of Expressive Arts and Religious and Moral Education across the school. Mrs Rose leads our Nuture Group in the Early Years.
Mrs. Rose

Mrs Claire Longmuir is our PEF Coordinator. She teaches children from across the school, with a focus on Literacy, Numeracy and Health & Wellbeing. Mrs Longmuir’s professional interests include Literacy, Assessment and Active Learning.  She works with our Rainbow Corner group to provide nurture provision and is an NQT Mentor. Mrs Longmuir is qualified to teach French and is one of our ASD Link Teachers.
Mrs. Longmuir

Mrs Claire Smith and Mrs Patricia Good are two of our School Support Assistants. Mrs Good leads our Homework Club and is also trained to lead Give Us A Break sessions to support children affected by loss or bereavement.  Mrs Smith is a Bikeability trainer and also supports children in the Rainbow Corner. She has completed accredited Nurture training.  Both Mrs Good and Mrs Smith are qualified to lead Catch Up Literacy sessions and have completed Diabetes Management training.

Video from Mrs Smith

Video from Mrs Good
Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Good 

Mrs Karen Brunton is our Support Staff Team Leader.  Mrs Brunton manages the School Office and provides administrative support to all members of staff. She is the first point of contact for everyone who visits our school.  Mrs Brunton is the Secretary of our School Fund Committee.
Mrs. Brunton

Miss Sophia Sheikh teaches P7 at Park View. She is a qualified CUSTTAD teacher and she also leads the Pupil Council at Park View. Miss Sheikh is qualified to teach French and has recently taken on the role of NQT mentor. 
Miss. Sheikh

Miss Anna Dalgleish teaches P7 at Park View. Her areas of professional interest include Expressive Arts and Growth Mindset Approaches. 
Miss. Dalgleish

Miss Kaitlin Beatts teaches P5 and she is one of our ASD Link Teachers. Miss Beatts is qualified to teach French. She is responsible for leading our 'Wee Worry Workshop' where she supportis identified pupils in the development of their social/communication skills and their emotional resilience.  Miss Beatts' professional interests include Music and Drama.
Miss. Beatts
Meet the Staff

Mrs Niewczas has had a varied primary school teaching career in both coucil schools and the private sector. Since joining Park View Primary School in 2018, she ran 'The Let's Write Initiative' for two years. This year Mrs Niewczas is teaching Primary Six with Mrs Aiton. In addition to primary teaching, Mrs Niewwczas has a master's degree in music performance and is a qualified violin teacher with over thirty years violin teaching experience. She has taught instrumental, choral, and curricular music in schools. 
Mrs. Niewczas

Miss Samantha Beattie teaches P1  at Park View. She leads the Junior Road Safety Officers.  Her professional interests are Art and Drama. Miss Beattie is qualified to teach French.

Video from Miss Beattie ( P1 Teacher)   
Miss. Beattie

Mrs Emma Phillips currently teaches P4 at Park View Primary. She is qualified to teach French and Spanish.  Mrs Phillips coordinates our charity work and fundraising.  She has completed 'Give Us A Break' training and  leads our approaches to supporting pupils affected by loss or bereavement. 
Mrs. Phillips

Mr Michael Law teaches P4 at Park View.  He is our ICT Coordinator and leads our approaches to developing ' Skills for Work'.  Mr Law also coordinates our Digital Leaders Committee and maintains the school twitter account and website. 
Mr. Law

Miss Riah Stobo teaches P2 at Park View. She helps to lead our approaches to supporting pupils' skills in conflict resolution and resilience. Miss Stobo is qualified to teach French.
Miss. Stobo

Mrs Jacqueline Aiton teaches P6 at Park View.  She also coordinates our charity work and fundraising efforts across the school. 
Mrs. Aiton

Mrs Boyd is one of our School Support Assistants.  She works alongside the teaching staff to support children's learning and development. Mrs Boyd also leads a Homework Club and has completed Diabetes Management training.

Video from Mrs Boyd
Mrs. Boyd

Miss Nikki Rowan teaches P3 at Park View. She leads our approaches to learning through play and is our first level literacy coordinator. 
Miss. Rowan

Mrs Sidebotham is one of our School Support Assistants and she works in partnership with the teaching staff to support children's learning and development. She coordinates our 'Right On Time' initiative, leads our Gardening Club and has recently started to coordinate our Eco Committee. Mrs Sidebotham has completed Diabetes Management training.

Video from Mrs Sidebotham

Mrs. Sidebotham

Mr Liam Garrett teaches P1 at Park View. He has a leading role on the schools approach to Health & Wellbeing and Cookery. 
Mr. Garrett